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It is one thing to say your Medical Practice includes Sports Medicine. Understanding athletes from a physician's education and his experience treating patients has its merits.

A life­-long sports enthusiast; Dr. Sam Kim has the expertise beyond education. He is approaching 20 years of experience in treating Sports Injuries. His deeper understanding of pushing the limits from personal experience shows in his expertise and in his patient ’s results.

Sports Medicine

Trauma and/or un/incorrectly treated trauma can lead to a chronic condition. Internal and external stress factors have an effect on individual immune systems. To attain the balance you are seeking the body requires entrainment of all-body systems for recovery from root causes.  

Our therapeutic treatments support the multi-dimensions in body systems.  Oriental Medicine promotes your natural power to correct physical and emotional imbalances enabling you to attain and maintain optimal health, wellness and vitality. 

We do not set broken bones or sew torn ligaments. We do make a tremendous difference in:

    -  Shortening the time of recovery
    -  Pain Management
    -  Reducing stress responses in internal organs             that cause long-term effects and chronic                   conditions
    -  Improving your overall health so you can be            your best you

Check out our Seasonal Medicine/Maintenance for staying healthy at any age. Our care extends to: 

    -  Sports active
    -  Weekend warrior
    -  Perfection of iron men and women
    -  Those suffering from chronic conditions

Professional Athletes use acupuncture because it is wonderful for relieving pain, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and speeding up recovery from injuries and tough workouts and in our Practice, building remarkable bodies!!

Amazing Athletes Who Use Acupuncture

"I have relied on acupuncture before and found it fully beneficial to my recovery." Michael Landcaster, Editor Atlanta VeloCity Magazine

Daniel Kowalski an Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist in swimming, made this video discussing how acupuncture was integral to maintaining his health while he trained for the Olympics and afterward. He stated that acupuncture helped him recover from shoulder injuries, improved his sleep, fended off colds and flu, while simultaneously enhancing his general well being.


Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant took to Twitter and posted this picture of him receiving acupuncture for his leg injury.


Vincenzo Nibali won the Tour de France while being treated with acupuncture everyday throughout the arduous 3 week race. Eddy De Smedt L.Ac., a Belgian acupuncturist, treated all the cyclists on Team Astana. His treatments focused on assisting the racers with pain relief, quick recovery, and rest.

Vincenzo Nibali -

Eddy de Smedt, Lac.___

Olympic bronze medal winner Dee Dee Trotter, is a huge advocate for acupuncture. She began using acupuncture when she was dealing with “a lot of unanswerable muscular issues” and her coach at the time suggested she try it. She has become such a fan that her hometown acupuncturist accompanied her to London when she competed in the 2012 Olympic games.  She won the bronze medal in the 400-meter run. 


The Chicago Blackhawk - Ray Emery used acupuncture to help in his long recovery process after hip surgery in 2010.


Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers used acupuncture to help treat his injured calf. In a quote from ESPN, he said, “I’ve got to give a lot of credit to our training staff. They spent a lot of hours with me this week. They did a great job of getting me ready. My acupuncturist as well. She really helps.”


Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck – When Matt was with the Seattle Seahawks, the Associated Press reported he used acupuncture to help heal a thigh injury.


Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison – “My body is what helps me to make money,” Harrison said at a news conference.“Whatever there is that I need to do to try and make myself better or get myself healthy, I’m going to do it. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that I spend anywhere between $400,000 and $600,000 on bodywork, as far as taking care of my body, year-in, and year-out.”


New York Giants running back Tiki Barber – Barber turned to acupuncture frequently during his career for muscle strains.

Tight end Jeremy Shockey – Shockey has been a fan of acupuncture for years. In 2010, he tweeted about getting acupuncture in between workouts.


Fullback, Tony Richardson – Richardson, considered on of the best fullbacks in NFL history had a distinguished career with the Vikings, Chiefs and Jets. He successfully used acupuncture for injuries and credited his acupuncturist for his quick healing time.


Quarterback Chad Pennington – He also used Richardson’s acupuncturist to maintain his health.


Linebacker James Farrior – Pittsburg player, Farrior said in a New York Times article in 2010, “I’m not the same if I don’t have it (acupuncture). It’s like getting the game plan. You can’t go into the week without either one.”


Defensive tackle Marcus Stroud – In 2011, while he was playing for the Patriots, Stroud saw an acupuncturist for shoulder pain.


Colorado State University Pueblo football players and coaches -  

Eight permanent tables, two portable cots and some mats on the floor in the training room at the field house of the Neta & Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl were occupied on a rainy Wednesday afternoon. Zach Gray went from station to station, sticking Colorado State University-Pueblo football players and coaches with dozens of needles as fine as a human hair. See more information at:


Acupuncture and Asian Medicine has a very long history of effectively treating pain, injuries and a multitude of other health concerns. Some of the benefits for athletes include faster recovery, improved blood flow, muscle relaxation, better sleep and improved energy. Additionally, athletes don’t have to worry about side effects or having drugs in their system.