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Thank You Dr Kim and Georgia.
We came to Dr Kim because we were witness to the miracle that happened to our daughter by Dr Kim's treatment and the bonus treatment by Georgia.   Although our problems were very different than our daughters it was worth a try.  

My husband's memory was progressively worsening   He was being treated by a specialist and yet his condition was declining.  While visiting our daughter we only had time for four days of treatment before heading north again.  

Within those four days, the difference was remarkable!  He became less foggy and more focused.  His ability to retain information was a major improvement. Sadly we had to leave but not before they made a plan for us   

We left with Dr Kim's  Herbal  Medicine and other important information, references, and ideas.  The moment we return to Johns Creek, our first stop will be Dr Kim's office. This team really cares and are capable of making you healthy again.

Lee and Lois  F. - Boston, MA.


Happy Face, Timeliness, Quality, I feel amazing!



Dr. Kim has helped me so much. I have been for treatments with great results.

Martha Wilson
With so many clients in a day, I used to have tight and swollen hands. The herbal prescription wrap restores the rhythmic smooth flow needed for superior cutting along with nourishing my skin back to balance without side-effects. 

D. Biffel
Allure Salon

People in the industry need to know how to improve or be praised for their skill. It's important.

Thank-you for my service. The service was awesome, Georgia....

Elaine Sterling, LE, CEO
Elaine Sterling Institute and The Spa at Elaine Sterling Institute

Dr. Kim is an awesome healer! I came in here with major pain in my shoulder and back, After just one treatment, I felt tremendous relief from the pain and as a side benefit, much more relaxed in my spirit. I will definitely recommend Dr. Kim to all my friends and family.

Jeff Flacker
Excellent, Georgia is very knowledgeable and she took her time, which I appreciated.

Kathy Rich
I trust Dr. Kim and appreciate his expertise and knowledge. 

Raymond Jeminiz


Best money I ever spent.

Bambi Ivers


Skin looks beautiful, very mosturized, most of my puffiness is gone, face looks slimmer and chizzed. 
neck area looks better, love the scrub this am and the bonus of being less stressed - easier to get up this morning!
Very happy with the results!  Will be doing it often. 



Patient Comments


Simply a Complex Case
Tammy F. of Braselton, GA

Until now, I had a life long history of un-diagnosed medical problems. Starting from the age of 12- every 6 to 8 weeks fevers of 104, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes throughout my body and intense stomach pains that would cause me to pass-out.  The last few years I was unable to eat without being sick. I suffered with unbelievable back and leg pain making walking more than difficult. 

This round of episodes ended when they found and removed a schwonnoma tumor on my spinal cord nerve at the age of 27. All the neurologists and neurosurgeons can not explain why I had such a reaction for such a long time and why the surgery fixed all my other symptoms. 

 At the age of 28 I started 10 years of fertility treatments. It was a long complicated road that included the loss of 2 babies. One baby, my daughters twin in our 26th week and another in our 3rd month (I wish I would have known about Dr. Kim years ago). I am happy to say we have 4 beautiful children.

 About 7 years ago, I started having strange episodes again.  My neck was locking up. My worst episode was 7 weeks in bed on muscle relaxers and PT everyday.  After 7 weeks I had the strength to have dinner with my kids then go back to bed.

 My symptoms continued to get worse with constant neck pain, shoulder pain, spasticity, fatigue and weakness in my left arm, hoarseness, numbness in head, spinal cord, left arm and chest, leaky heart valve, shortness of breath, horrible headaches, stomach issues and memory loss.  

Again, like years before my western medicine tests are all normal.  

 Then I was diagnosed with Dystonia. I went to Emory's Dystonia Clinic. I have "unusual dystonia" not like most people they treat. I could no longer voluntarily hold my head up. I was advised to have Botox injections.

 I was in horrific pain after the Botox injections. It created more issues and resolved none; I was still unable to hold my head up. I had days where I physically could not get my arms in position to even sign a check. It was 3 months of hell waiting for it to wear off.

 When I returned to my neurologist and told her I hoped for better results and would not do it again, she advised the only thing they can do for me is increase the Parkinson meds (6 per day) and muscle relaxers (up to 3 per day). Keep in mind, I have 4 small kids and live on pain killers along with the rest of the medications.  I was advised they would continue to increasing meds until I am more comfortable or can't stay awake or remember anything.

 This treatment plan is from my 7th neurologist and the best I can find. I am lucky to have personal doctor friends who have looked over my medical records and arranged for me to see their co-workers. They are all stumped.


 Dr. Kim and Georgia are the miracles I have been praying for.  I don't know if I will ever have a "normal" life again.  What I do know at this point is after years of being treated like the untreatable, with Dr. Kim and Georgia I will have an amazing life again.

Update: From Tammy July, 2014

I highly recommend Dr Kim and Georgia.  I went to Dr. Kim out of desperation, yet still not believing he would be able to help.  I was not sure where else to turn. Dr. Kim has given me a life back that no other Dr. has been able to do. I feel like I can dream of a great future with my family again. 

 It has been 4 months since my 1st appointment (3/24/2014). I have been able to stop taking all my western meds (see below). Dr. Kim has strengthened my immune system with his herbal medicines and acupuncture along with Georgia’s treatments in the Med Spa.  My voice has returned, my energy level is increased. My liver and kidney are detoxing and healing from over 30 years of western pharmacy meds. I am able to read my phone without reading glasses and my memory is slowly returning. 

I will not tell you I am cured, it has taken me years to be as sick as I have been. I believe I am finally on the road to recovery instead of the road of just trying to make it through the day. I truly believe Dr. Kim wants me healthy and will do everything he can to help.

Georgia is full of knowledge and love, she is a great partner for Dr. Kim both working for the common goal of making you healthy.  I have so much faith in Dr. Kim's ability that my children now see him for preventative treatments and normal kid issues.

Comments From Dr. Kim and Georgia

Dr. Sam Kim and Georgia are forever grateful to Tammy F. and her family both here is the Atlanta area and on the East Coast for the genuine commitment to our treatment plan. They stayed the course and followed our guidance.

The beginning of this successful recovery was intense. Tammy arrived three times a week in the early months of her treatment. That meant driving 1+ hours one-way, which translates to one and half days per week in treatment.

We moved from the negative and no confidence to brave and moving in her own knowing.  Her recovery in medical terms is remarkable.

 To leave the world of endless emergencies where the body is treated with quick fixes; the patient’s will must surrender to being guided through a “natural process” and learn how to listen to the intelligence of the body. This is, comparatively speaking to “quick fix,” slow medicine. It requires time and movement through the seasons.

 The life inside our Practice is Listening to the Body and Learning.  This is key to be in harmony with what is truly Life-Giving. The work is eco-balancing from the root. We leverage the healing forces of nature’s every season in our treatment plans. This approach is critical to the successful treatment of chronic (long-term), catastrophic illness. It is also true health maintenance. These are some of the pathways we tread to attain remarkable results.

 Though much attention is given to how we move forward as a team, it is equally important to understand we fine team as Dr. Kim, Georgia and the Patient. In the case of generational disturbances it also means family members.

The relationship must be built on trust. This is not something to be taken likely or being guided in the process falls to jeopardy. We leverage the healing forces of nature’s every season in our treatment plans. This approach is critical to the successful treatment of chronic (long-term), catastrophic illness. It is also true health maintenance.  

In the beginning, Tammy drove from Braselton to Johns Creek three times a week. Often the treatment plan of the day engaged 2-3 hours of therapy. Step-by-step, every appointment included therapies from Dr. Kim and Georgia along with herbal medicine formulations one-after-another and sometimes several at a time. 

Treatment began in March of 2014. Over time, we also treated Tammy’s husband, children and Mother in the effort to realign healthy patterns.

 At the end of October, 2014 Tammy was able to played a little golf with her husband. Still struggling at times, going forward and then experiencing what appeared to be occasional set-backs we moved through her body’s reply and the change of the seasons. With tremendous courage, a mighty will to attain self control after a life-long history of something else, in late April of 2015 Tammy went on to a Maintenance Program.

Update: From Tammy June, 2015

Every day is CRAZY!!! Too many kids with too many activities. I feel fabulous.  I know I have missed some of my maintenance care. I planned on coming in for a maintenance appointment and some one comes to town or I feel so great that I want to enjoy it with the kids. I even worked 2 swim meets the from 5 pm to midnight. I was calling kids names and lining them up. My body and voice stayed steady.

 You would be proud of me. I am being very smart, listening to my body. I know I am not perfect yet. I rest to restore before swim meets. I make myself go to bed at a reasonable time every night. The peace of seeing myself just being a Mom and not saying “no I can’t” has been great for my family. The kids said this has been the best summer so far. 

 You can absolutely use, my message for an update. I am truly having an amazing summer. I have even taken up some projects with the girls. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying not relying on someone else to take my kids places.

Update: From Tammy Winter, 2015

As noted previously, I suffered a heart condition for more than 5 years. I was closely monitored and on my way to a Mayo Clinic Cardiologist for a "severe leaky heart valve” when I decided to forego the Mayo referral and focus on a treatment plan from Dr. Kim and Georgia .

My local cardiologist comment during examinations - "I don't know what you are doing but keep doing it."  It has taken from March of 2014 to now Winter 2015 to be “release” from my cardiologist. I no longer have a leaky valve.

Comments From Dr. Kim and Georgia

As always everything in our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice says Yes! you can Tammy! A gentle reminder! We know you are making up lost time with your family; however, get to your Maintenance Sessions! There is purpose and support for your continued well being after so many years of something else.

Update: From Tammy Thanksgiving, 2016

                             Check this out!!!  

                              I wanted to zip line in Costa Rica for years.

                              I am finally strong enough!!!


Winner of 2016 Patient's Choice Best Acupuncture in Duluth, GA

The affirmation that we continue to fulfill our commitment with genuine hearts in our patient care means everything to us.

Thank you!

Photo:  Tammy's prescriptions at the time she made her first appointment at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa. She presently takes no Western Pharmacuticals; however, she remains in a maintenence treatment plan.

Photo provided by patient Tammy F..