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Dr. Sam Kim is recognized for "delivering comprehensive medical care." His success in resolving extremely difficult illnesses draws patients to Johns Creek from many parts of the US.

Oriental Medicine is a refined art and science that offers a knowledge base originating more than 3,000 years ago. Oriental Medicine, sometimes called TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) continues to evolve in many cultures of the world today. Our Practice reflects the time-honored modalities of Korean Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, Electroacupuncture, Herbal Pharmacy, Cupping, Moxibustion, and Qigong (medical breathing) and the finest in med spa offerings. We are part of mainstream and complimentary medicine.

Oriental Medicine carries few or no side effects while treating

the actual cause of the illness rather than suppressing the


Dr. Sam Kim's expertise in Oriental Medicine began with a Master Degree

in the US. He then left to apply himself in 6 years of hospital internships in

Korea. With this foundation and his commitment to continuing education, he return to the US. For more than 18 years his dedication to being steadfast in an authentic knowledge base and a drive towards excellence has empowered his reputation as a trusted physician. He is gifted in identifying and treating the fundamental root-level imbalances in the body; even in challenging complex cases.

Support for New Patient 

We are here to guide root cause recovery of your suffering; however Oriental Medicine has so much more to offer.  Please take a few minutes to read Patient Comments, LifeStyle Interviews, our blog, and internet reviews (Google+, City Search, Yelp, Health Grades etc) so that you can make a decision about fulfilling your greater needs with us. 

We embed LifeStyle education and treatment approaches with your first step recovering from an illness. We recommend that you to continue to minimize your sickness factors, putting Well Being on your side with the wholeness in our approach to your health.  

We continue to expand focus on over 3.8 billions years of the earth’s eco-engineering and 3,000 years of recognition for our abilities to utilize it to guide patients in sustainable well being - we are here and thriving. 



Stepping into Well Being

Oriental Medicine is founded in the roots of eco-balancing. We offer a true and complete plan for achieving well being and our desires for a lifestyle and successful living in harmony with the earth. Treatment plans progress from alleviating the symptoms that caused you to seek care tocorrective care - releasing the underlying cause of your illness. 

We carry-on in the core structure of Oriental Medicine. Beyond corrective care our goal remains in the ancient healthcare principals of wellness and performance medicine. We offer sound design and implementation of your personal health maintenance plan based on the condition of your body systems and health constitutions. 

Seasonal Medicine/Wellness Programs are at the direction of Dr. Kim. Anchoring your health and well being in periodic year-round care remains the greatest strength anyone can have to live long and live well. This may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, tonics, herbal formulas and specialized Med Spa services. It is this coordination of an ancient three-fold design that supports wellness and energizes performance for “living a quality of life” no matter what your ambitions or stage in life.

The Professionals at Green Acupuncture and Med Spa set their intentions and apply their expertise to deliver personalized care that renders an environment set to attain more than you thought you could be. Being steadfast to wisdom that has survived ages in a global community of providers is smart healthy living for our patients and that is exactly why we love our work.

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The affirmation that we continue to fulfill our commitment with genuine hearts in our patient care means everything to us.

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“Healthcare in an eco-balancing environment where the body is nurtured and healed of it’s core imbalances is very different than any other healthcare and so are the results.”

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